Best CS:GO betting in the Philippines 2024

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Counter-Strike: Global Offense, often referred to as CS:GO is one of the most popular eSports around, with more than 20 million monthly active users. Due to its popularity, the first-person shooter has emerged as a popular choice in the eSport betting market as competitive teams face off against each other.

The eSports market offers a whole new experience to betting for players and can be a simple and fun way to gamble. There are multiple CS:GO bookmakers in the Philippines that offer eSports betting today, therefore it can be difficult to find the one to suit your playing needs.

We have rated the top CS:GO betting websites to make the process of choosing the best one for you much easier.

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List of CS:GO bookmakers

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History of CS:GO Sports Betting

Released in the summer of 2012, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter developed by Valve and the fourth entry in the Counter-Strike series.

In the game, two teams face off against each other, terrorists versus counter-terrorists, with the goal of both sides being to eliminate the other team while completing goals such as planting or defusing bombs.

  • CS:GO is available on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, but is only in the PC market for competitive play

  • CS:GO games have up to 30 rounds, and the first team to win 16 rounds wins

  • The most popular team in CS:GO is Danish team Astralis

  • The highest earning CS:GO player is Xyp9x with over 84 million pesos in winnings

The competitive nature of the game provided an opportunity for gambling companies, who began to capitalize on CS:GO’s popularity as an eSports, where competing teams compete against each other in tournaments to win cash prizes.

As popularity grows and money pours into the industry, more opportunities arise for gambling sites as bookmakers set up shop to reap the rewards of new markets.

CS:GO sportsbooks in the Philippines have begun accepting bets on esports events and tournaments, similar to how players bet on sports events such as football and basketball, opening up a new world of gambling and inspiring new users in the gaming world.

Many of the most popular events are held in Asia, with the Southeast Asian Games in the Philippines winning gold medals in many betting events.

With its growing popularity in the Philippines, the gambling world allows viewers to profit from the burgeoning esports market.

馃彌锔 First Introduced2012
馃彚 Overseeing OrganisationsGlobal Esports Federation
馃摱 Bookmaker CoverageHigh
猸 Popular inWorldwide
馃寧 World ChampionshipCounter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championships, also known as the Majors
馃弲 Olympic DisciplineNo

What should you look for when choosing the best CS:GO bookmaker?

Bonuses and promotions

Although most bookmakers offer bonuses, not all bookmakers offer esports promotions. Therefore, it is important to check what offers CS: GO has on offer before signing up so that you can get the most out of your bet.

odds and odds

A wide range of betting odds – not just the possibility of betting on the winner – and good odds are crucial for a bookmaker to be among the best. Look for companies that offer multiple markets with interesting odds on even the most expected results.

live streaming

The best betting companies for CS: GO will not only offer the above mentioned points but also live stream the ongoing matches. This way, you can track the movements of players and improve your live betting.

Best CS:GO Betting Sites in the Philippines

Much like traditional sports betting, the primary market is game results or money lines. At this point, you鈥檒l find many similarities with esports betting.

You bet on the team you think will win the match, with odds based on factors such as team strength, form and past results. You can also place tie bets on the WDW market.

Most bookmakers also offer markets on the winner of each round, rather than the winner of the entire match. Odds may vary based on the strength of each team, and some teams may perform better on one side of the map than another. Side is better. Some bookmakers also offer handicap markets, just like sports betting.

You can make your betting easier with a CS:GO betting app that allows you to bet from your phone.

Users can also place bets on the winner of the entire tournament. These can be placed before a tournament starts or during a match, but you will get better odds by betting before a tournament starts and before a match is played.

Provides over/under and predicts specific statistics in the game. This can vary based on the number of kills, the number of rounds, or even the total number of kills per team.

There are also more special market bets, such as the First Blood market, where players predict which team will get the first kill of the match.

The “Top Fragger” market is unique to CS:GO and allows you to bet on who will have the most points at the end of a round or entire match.

Upcoming CSGO Events in 2024

  • IEM Katowice: 31.01. – 12.02.

  • ESL Pro League Season 17: 22.02. – 26.03.

  • IEM Spring: 17.04. – 23.04.

  • BLAST Paris Major: 08.05. – 21.05.

  • IEM Katowice: 31.01. – 12.02.

  • IEM Spring: 17.04. – 23.04.

  • BLAST Paris Major: 08.05. – 21.05.


Yes, as an eSport, betting on CS:GO is perfectly legal, but the company has come under scrutiny in the past for offering gambling services to underage players.

Legal action has arisen as young people use other sites to gamble on in-game purchases such as skins. It is completely legal to place bets through licensed sportsbooks.

The top players and teams in CS:GO have changed a lot.

At the time of writing, the top-ranked team is Team Liquid, who recently took the top spot from Astralis. However, this was partly due to the absence of Danish team Astralis. Team Liquid is the best team in North America, reaching the finals of every tournament they participated in except last year.

Other Tom teams include Finland’s ENCE, France’s Vitality team and newly formed Brazilian team FURIA. Popular eSports team FaZe is also competing against top teams and is worth betting on.

The most popular tournaments are broadcast live on Twitch or Youtube, so you have the opportunity to watch them live on these platforms.

However, many sportsbooks will also offer their own live streaming services for esports events.